Lucy interactive dog IMC TOYS

Lucy interactive dog IMC TOYS

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Lucy is one to the smartest dog. She will respond to everything you ask it to do! Responds to 12 amazing actions, allowing you to interact with it. Also, when you press her ears, back or nose, stretches, gives you a kiss, gets up and bark! All girls want to have Lucy at home, the pet brighter!

Order and Action:

  1. Barks: Barks several times

  2. Sit: Sits

  3. Search: She bends down, shakes his head and sniffs the ground

  4. Up: It rises on four legs

  5. Greet: she gets up and moves front legs

  6. Call her: Barks happily while quiet

  7. Dance: It stretches and dances

  8. Give me a kiss: she gets up to kiss

  9. Hello: Barks being quiet

  10. Do a handstand: balance on her head

  11. The 2 legs: she gets up on her hind legs

  12. On the floor: She stretches out on the floor

- Interactive dog Lucy


Note: Spanish version

WARNING: Not recommended for children under 3 years, due to small parts that could cause choking if ingested.



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