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Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron Captain America Tower Defense. Captain America speeds down the ramp to takes on a sub-Ultron! Reimagine the action with the Captain America Tower Defense playset. The Avengers are assembling to take on their greatest enemy: Ultron! Obsessed with mechanical perfection, Ultron will stop at nothing to control the world!! Can the Avengers defeat him and save humanity?

Launch Captain America into battle! A sub-Ultron has breached the tower and Captain America needs to stop it. Load Captain America and his motorcycle onto the launcher and send them racing down the ramp, crashing through the doors and into battle! Captain America will stop at nothing to defeat Ultron and his forces. Join in the fight by defending the tower with Captain America and his launching motorcycle!

Captain America is always alert and always prepared, and he's got more than one way to take on this sub-Ultron. Press the button to release the trap door and send the sub-Ultron crashing to the ground below. If the sub-Ultron has already gotten past the doorway, grab Captain America's most powerful weapon: his indestructible shield! Use the shield launcher to blast your enemy!

- Tower Defense
- Captain America Figure
- Motorcycle
- sub-Ultron Figure

RECOMMENDED AGE: From 4 years old

WARNING: Not recommended for children under 3 years old because they contain small parts that could cause suffocation if swallowed.


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