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The next generation of Magic combat awaits in the incredible 3-D battle arena of this Arena of the Planeswalkers game! Each of the 5 mighty Planeswalkers comes with their own unique powers and squads, so it’s up to each player to summon creatures and choose the right spells to change the game! Can you survive your opponent’s magical assault and strike back with the perfect spell to dominate the plane? Choose your Planeswalker and find out! This Magic: The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers tactical board game combines epic Magic: The Gathering combat with tactical decision-making and strategic battlefield positioning. Customize the battlefield with the modular gameboard and start the battle! Each player acts as a Planeswalker, summoning armies, casting game-changing spells, and aiming to outmaneuver their foes on the battlefield. With the 60 spell cards, players can set up traps, trigger combos, and surprise their opponents. The game also includes 30 figures and 5 painted Planeswalker figures.

CONTENT: (Spanish version)
- 5 painted Planeswalker figures
- 30 squad figures
- 2 ruins
- 6 cardboard terrain boards
- 2 plastic 3-hex sand tiles
- 2 plastic 1-hex sand tiles
- 4 glyphs
- 30 damage markers
- 20-sided dice
- 10 6-sided combat dice
- 15 army cards
- 60 spell cards
- Turn marker
- Game guide

RECOMMENDED AGE: From 10 years old
Players: 2-5


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