Charlie Bravo Ballistiks Hot Wheels MATTEL

Charlie Bravo Ballistiks Hot Wheels MATTEL

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Children can test their skills with this interactive object, with lights, sounds, movement, and multiple game modes highly exciting and challenging!

In addition, the game includes a vehicle Ballistiks changing a penalty to hit Hot Wheels car!

What is your goal? First, work on your skills with the Target Practice mode. Charlie Bravo 6.1 makes two different sounds when it hits the target - the middle button - with your vehicle Ballistiks and two sounds when you hit anywhere else. Ready for battle?

Select Game Mode, put up your vehicle, and press the Center button (two sounds more!) You have 30 seconds to defeat him. With shaky movements is an extra in the mission!

- Charlie Bravo 6.1
- Hot Wheels Vehicle Ballistiks


WARNING: Toy not recommended for children under 3 years because of small parts that could cause choking if ingested or inhaled.

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