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Appen is the new electronic pen for Tablets and Smartphones designed for children, which enables you to draw, play and learn on your device! He has a new system of pressure sensitivity, which means that the harder you pull the pen on your tablet or smartphone, the thicker the line. Appen works without batteries and is compatible with Apple and Android devices. Appen application has been specially designed for children between 3 and 6 years , and supervised by Dr. Rosanna Candon , an expert in early childhood education , which has participated in the development of content to suit the skills of the children . So, the selection of coloring pages , choosing the stickers and writing the alphabet letters work together in the educational needs of preschool children.

  • Drawing and painting: Unleash your imagination with many colors, pencils and crayons , and the animated stickers!
  • Learn: Learn to write letters of the alphabet and count yourself writing the numbers!
  • Play: Use your Appen like a joystick and moves at high speed on the circuit with a race car Formula 1! If you want added fun, play with "Guess Scratch" and discover what lies beneath the hidden image!

- Electronic Pen Appen

RECOMMENDED AGE: 3 - 6 years


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