Rubik Spark electronic Cube GOLIATH

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The Spark is an amazing new electronic game that offers an interactive experience guided by LED Lights. NO buttons! NO Touch Screen! A NEW dimension of Game Control!  Simply control the SPARK by tilting & turning. The flashing cube will always try to move up like a bubble. 6 unique, challenging – yet fun games that will test your memory, speed, dexterity and logic. Select the play mode then choose the game you wish to play.

  1. Game 1 – Light the Cube
  2. Game 2 – Seek & Destroy
  3. Game 3 – Snacking Snake
  4. Game 4 – Tilt n Zap
  5. Game 5 – Follow the Path
  6. Game 6 – “Secret Game”

There are 2 play modes for great social game gatherings:

  • Single Player
  • Multi Player

- Rubik Spark Cube

RECOMMENDED AGE: From 7 years old

WARNING: Not recommended for children under 3 years because it contains small parts that could cause choking if ingested.


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