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Enter two sticks of each color through the holes of each level of the tree. Drop the monkeys from the top of the tree. If anyone does not remain hanging on a stick and ends up on the floor, throw it again from the top until it is hanging from a stick. It is played in turns. The player who's turn rolls the dice and takes a stick of color chosen by the dice, always starting with the top level. If when removing the stick, a monkey falls to the ground, it is the player who has brought down.

If you roll, get a color which are no longer sticks because they have taken out all the player are in luck, as it has to play and go to the next turbo. It continues to play so on until all the monkeys have fallen from the tree. The player who ends the game with less monkeys in their power. Roll the dice colors and shows a color wand you get it.

- 30 Monkeys
- 10 sticks green
- 10 sticks blue
- 10 sticks orange
- Base tree
- Tree / plastic tube
- Dice

RECOMMENDED AGE: From 4 years old
PLAYERS: 2 - 4

WARNING: Not recommended for children under 3 years, due to small parts that could cause choking if be ingested.

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