Star Destroyer Double Jump Duel HOT WHEELS

Star Destroyer Double Jump Duel HOT WHEELS

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Your favorite Star Wars starships have been reimagined as Hot Wheels die-cast cars for optimal speed and maximum performance! Carships capture the attributes of iconic starships while accelerating to lightspeed on Hot Wheels track. Now launch your Carships into action with the Hot Wheels Star Wars Star Destroyer Double Jump Duel set. Use the launchers to race your Hot Wheels Star Wars Millenium Falcon Carship (included) and another Carship (not included) to see which one will be the first to take out the Star Destroyer. If one of the Carship vehicles lands in the right spot, it will destroy the Star Destroyer and send the Carship on another track to make its escape!

- Star Destroyer Double Jump Duel
- Millennium Falcon Carship

RECOMMENDED AGE: From 4 years old

WARNING: Not recommended for children under 3 years due to small parts that could cause choking if they are ingested.


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