Uno Wild Jackpot Card Game MATTEL

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This is the UNO game, but with a machine Jackpot to give more excitement! At the beginning of the game, each player writes its own rules with the two markers included. The rules for each player are shuffled and placed in the machine Jackpot. Then, start a normal game of UNO, but when someone plays a special letter Jackpot, players have to try their luck pulling the lever machine Jackpot. You never know who will get a personalized letter or whom it will be the Jackpot prize! But careful, Jackpot machine also can penalize you and force you to steal 4 cards!

UNO Wild Jackpot is without doubt the most exciting and fun version of the classic card game UNO! Custom rules can be fun, quirky, good or bad, so be careful! Players should try to run out of cards in hand playing cards that match in number, color or symbol with the last card of the discard pile. When you one card is in hand, you've got to yell "UNO"!

- ONE Cards
- Jackpot Cards
- Customizable Cards
- 2 markers
- Machine Jackpot
- Game Instructions

RECOMMENDED AGE: From 7 years old
PLAYERS: 2 to 10


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